Milan, Mirabelli poised: if it goes, Sabatini and Giuntoli slopes

For the future of d.s. Rossonero will be decisive the season finale, while in London there was a summit with the former Inter. The Emenalo del Monaco is also in vogue. All united to get back in the Europa League and to give a future to this technical project. Milan has no alternatives, also because the input of the property has been net in view of the next market. The no to the recruitment of the Brazilian Bernard is a clear sign of discontinuity that puts d.s. Massimiliano Mirabelli in the uncomfortable condition of the special observation. Especially since the last weeks have brought in dow contacts (more or less confirmed) with excellent managers. The hypothesis of a dialogue with Walter Sabatini is obviously a sensation, fresh from the resignation of Inter. But the candidacy of Cristiano Giuntoli, architect of the Naples of miracles, is no less heavy. There is also a whisper of the Monaco market-man: that Michael Emenalo, with a past at Chelsea. And in the casting also returns the name of d.s. of the golden days, Ariedo Braida. Instead it seems to have stopped at the beginning the approach with Andrea Berta, the Italian face of Atletico Madrid.

Certainly the Rossoneri turbulence does not go unnoticed. The discussion turned on in the social media, where the parterre was divided as usual, while nothing was said by Casa Milan, the club's headquarters: no official reply to the indiscretions on Mirabelli's position. But filter a consideration: a "serious" company does not question a project in season, much less in a group called "cohesive" and with "prestigious" objectives still at hand. Let's try to translate: budgets will only be done at the end of the season. In the same way, the Elliott fund gets away from the technical issues, in full respect of Milan's autonomy. In short, the US fund notes that it has no role on the decisions of the Rossoneri board. But the substance does not change, since Mr. Li has long been dealing with various investors and has understood how important it is to strengthen the management to protect the substantial investments of the post-Berlusconi.Follow premium 1wetten football predictions.

In this very delicate phase nobody calls into question Rino Gattuso, who has just renewed the contract until 2021 with a contract of 2 million net per season. Ringhio took great precautions during the negotiations, counting on the support of both the company. Fassone that of the sponsor Mirabelli. They remember all the lines of d.s. on the Easter egg. Too bad, that in those situations only the recognition for the coach has arrived, not for his "inventor". It is true that Mirabelli is linked to the club of via Aldo Rossi until 2020, but has not got any tweaks and above all his alliance with Gattuso has not yet brought the desired results. Maybe a spectacular season finale can bring it back to the center of the ring, but right now it's obviously on the ropes.

According to the latest rumors, even Walter Sabatini met in London important emissaries of the Milan club. It is not known whether this summit has led to concrete insights, but it is certain that the movements behind the scenes are a prelude to a possible reversal. In this regard it should be remembered that last summer there had already been a meeting between the representatives of Mr. Li and Giuntoli paired with Maurizio Sarri. Despite the sunset of that idea, the telephone lines remained open. Which is why it is reasonable to believe that dialogue with d.s. Tuscan will proceed even if not more in tandem with the coach. Instead the road that leads to Michael Emenalo is connected to the lodging Jorge Mendes, his admirer.

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